Officers of the Order of The Daughters of the Holy Cross
2016 -- 2018

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Ruby Mayrath
PH: (850) 297-1040, Line 1
E-mail DHC President

Jacque Clemens
First Vice-President
E-mail DHC First VP

Susan Klos
Second Vice-President
E-mail DHC Second VP

Vienna Pozniak
E-mail DHC Secretary

Nancy P. Ford
E-mail DHC Treasurer

Membership Committee

Gail Cahill
Membership Chairperson
PH: (850) 297-1040, Line 2
E-mail Membership Chairperson
Loretta Baldwin
Chapter Coordinator
PH: (850) 297-1040, Line 3
E-mail Chapter Coordinator
Vienna Pozniak
Daughter-at-large (DAL) Coordinator
PH: (850) 297-1040, Line 4
E-mail DAL Coordinator
  • Responds to initial membership inquiries
  • Coordinates the process of new chapter formation
  • Processes all Membership Applications
  • Issues membership cards and crosses to new members and charters to new chapters
  • Manages the dues renewal process
  • Communicates on a continual basis with Chapter Presidents and members
  • Processes requests for additional/replacement crosses
  • Maintains the DHC Membership Database
  • Assists with communications to Chapter Presidents on a continual basis
  • Helps maintain the communicaton plan through phone calls and emails
  • Keeps accurate records of responses from Chapter Presidents
  • Gathers current contact information from Chapter Presidents and/or members and advises Membership Chair of changes
  • Encourages Chapter Presidents and other members in the use of appropriate forms, i.e. Transition Report, change of Officers, etc. found on the website
  • Answers questions about becoming a DAL
  • Arranges for study mentors for prospective DALs
  • Arranges for a DAL to connect to a chapter


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