These forms can be downloaded to a computer and filled out electronically and printed, or printed and filled out manually. All forms needing signatures must be printed, the appropriate signatures obtained, and mailed to the address on the form. It is recommended that a copy be saved so there will be a record in your files. If the form does not require signatures, it can be emailed as an attachment to the appropriate council member.

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    Because of our vows, and being a part of a religious Order, Daughters do not “run for Provincial Council” – they “stand” for Council. This means that we do not campaign for chapter or provincial level positions. This selection process comes from our prayers and God’s will. The nominee believes that the one who asked her did so after much prayer. It is also important that she, herself, prays before accepting the nomination. There are some logistics that should be considered when a nominee stands for Council. The Council usually meets twice a year for four days, usually over a weekend. January and June have been the common months for council meetings. The first and last days are shorter due to travel. To allow as many members as possible to be able to attend council meetings, the very first Council decided that travel, room and board would be provided through general funds of The Order. It is inevitable that some business of the Council takes place by email, skype, or phone calls between council meetings. Besides the logistics of being a member of the Council the nominator might want to consider that a Council member will seek the Lord's guidance and discernment and pray about decisions, responses, discussions, meetings, and relationships. It is a blessing and a pleasure to serve Jesus as a member of His Council. More information regarding the Provincial Council can be found in Article VII through X of the Bylaws of The Order. Be sure to carefully read the requirements for Provincial Council membership on the Nomination For Provincial Council form.


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